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core prescription range - hyperpigmented

Nimue Day Fader


Nimue Day Fader is a lightweight cream with a pigment regulating formula, with added protection against free radicals for depigmentation and lightening. Contains Skin Brightening Complex, Vitamins C & E and sunscreens. To be used daytime only. Must be followed by Nimue SPF 20. 50ml.

Nimue Day Fader £38.00


Nimue Night Fader


Nimue Night Fader is a highly active, pigment regulating formula with anti-ageing and hydration properties. Contains Skin Brightening Complex, Vitamin C & E Esters. For night time use only. Nimue SPF 20 recommended for day time. 50ml.

Nimue Night Fader £38.00


Nimue Night Fader Plus


Nimue Night Fader Plus is an innovative pigment regulating formula with nanotechnology, offering a dual action treatment for reduction of advanced stages of hyperpigmentation, in addition to anti-ageing and hydration properties. Night time use only. Avoid sun exposure and recommended use of exfoliating enzyme and Nimue SPF 20. 50ml.

Nimue Night fader Plus £46.50


core presciption range - problematic

Nimue Purifier


Nimue Purifier is a skin clarifying day or night formula for the control of excessive oiliness in problematic skin types. Designed to control breakouts and inflammation. Use day and night for active acne and night time only for acne prone skin. Contains 5% Triple AHA Complex, 3% Lacto Complex, Tea Tree oil and Vitamin A & C Esters. 50ml.

Nimue Purifer £27.00


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